to the stitching

Yesterday, we decided that stitching was tricky!!

A patient skill requiring a slow rhythem...and sometimes, children don't feel like a slow rhythem...especially straight after school!! To their credit they all gave the project their full attention and a great try, but they all left with much still to do!
We LAUGHED...A LOT! Which was a wonderful feeling, as the children warm to one another and to me - us all strangers at our first workshop!
And sometimes when the hands are busy, the tongues feel free to wander - there was a lovely banter among the boys and a joyful helpfulness among the girls!!
I was so grateful for the light spirit as the demand for my help was great!!
Our story time reading 'Owl Moon' was wonderful, the children loving the night-time adventure and the beautiful, engaging story!
For all the wonderful parents who, when their children pulled out their work to proudly show, hid a quisical look as one small unfinished owl appeared...thank you for your grace as you gushed 'oh how wonderful'!!
And when they asked for help in completing the remainder of the work, you looked blankly at all the remaining pieces - I DO HAVE A COPY OF THE LESSON PLAN WITH GREAT INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS FOR COMPLETING THE PROJECT!! Please email me for a copy!
I can't wait to see all those hand-stitched, beautiful owls finished and hanging proudly over the bed of your little one!

[I have decided to make this workshop into a WEAVE+WONDER art kit that we are currently designing for sale! I love the completed owl project, and think it best suited to a 'do-it-together' afternoon with a willing adult!]