magnificent mario!

It was a beautiful natural setting on a beautiful afternoon, with a smattering of 'mario's + 'princess peaches' anxious to begin their artwork!

Some collaged piece by tiny piece of fabric, some 'dumped+spread' over the glue - both techniques were effective and the children were focused and engrossed in their creations long after I thought other party games would be on their mind! They seemed to LOVE it!....

Even mum's got involved in the slow, almost thereputic work of layering + gluing!

The masterpieces in the end were spectacular, with each child very proud of their work!
I loved the texture, colour and uniqueness of the timber board as substrate - yes, I will use this project again - a wonderful success!


I love surprise visitors in the middle of the day!

how do 'nature-inspired' + mario brothers meet?

This is the question the 'party-mama' and I bantered about as we worked toward the weaving of art+creativity into her 6yr old's requested theme!
We need the charicters...we need the colour...
So we chose to marry these non-negotiables with the earthiness of a wooden substrate and some eco-conscious recycled fabric!
Buzzing 6yr olds will be getting messy with glue and building up a textural collage - filling their desire to be creative with a little bit of (restrained) fantasy as well!!
I so love a good children's party!!

weekend wandering

Days are flying by and I find myself reflecting on the weekend, midweek!
What a flurry of activity around here - WEAVE+WONDER are hosting several parties in the coming weeks, running an after school stamp making class and the big one - preparing the VERY EXCITING christmas classes to be run at both our venues during the school holidays - almost no time to breathe...!
Forgive my absence in this space but I do hope to keep you abreast of all the creativity buzzing here behind the scenes!
Our weekend was no exception! Creativity is encouraged and noticed around here and for the eyes that are looking, each child's unique expression is being confidently set upon the world in a safe and loving environment.
Here are some of the creative moments tumbling around here:

:: 'How about this display for your art kits mama?'...

:: a little 'horse whispering'...

:: we tried it together -the art to go with all the party 'horsing around' - the soon-to-be-six-yr-old loves it!

:: costumes never remain the same for long around here, another task, another outfit - sparkly leotard for tomato picking - of course!!

:: for a good part of the weekend, our living room looked like this - I had to STRONGLY resist the temptation to clean and just let it be!


this is what I am working on, and this is what she is working on beside me.


One day we will do this together...young hands learning to run fingers over texture, beauty. Gathering, folding, cutting, art that is ancient yet indespensible. To create a series of surfaces that contain thoughts, dreams, history, future. To collate all of this hope in one bound volume, a legacy.
Book making has been around for as long as people have had a need to record. To carry some of that history into the hands of those that will hold the future....
For now, I am making books for them...running fingers over texture, cutting, collating, stitching. So that they might make their mark upon its cover, its pages.


'I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.' Joan Miro

As I wander quietly through my home this morning I am noticing collections...small multiples that catch my eye.
The fridge overflowing with these sweet red orbes fresh from our garden, who knew such delight in their delicious goodness!

These bursts of creativity remaining on the bench, tenderly strung + slipped into my hand as I walked in the door late Sunday afternoon, a window into the hive of creativity buzzing these walls in my absence.

These sweet treats, won't be admired for long, a celebration of returning mama!
What collections represent your days? What colour their celebration?


In this environment of warmth, comfort, beauty I was rejuvinated and reinspired for the journey ahead. Wonderful friendships build and inspire don't they!


'Fill a space in a beautiful way'
- artist Georgia O'Keeffe

On a recent trip to our splendid coastline and inspired by an extraordinary driftwood hut we found there, I spontaniously attempted to weave my first bowl out of..hmmm...'sea twine' for want of any greater botanical knowledge of my chosen medium!
With a bit of a hand-juggle, trial + error and patience, these beautiful bowls emerged!
I LOVE them!
The twisted, endless texture nesting the rough + rythmical twine (gift from a precious friend)...well, they fill my space in a beautiful way!

[note to self: don't take photos in middle of day! Please excuse the over-exposure!]


One of my favourite things to do, gather materials and pack kits...something soothing and ordered about rows of natural-coloured bags, systematically filled with class goodies!
The latest goodness to take over my table are those in progress for the beginning of our stamp making series starting at Riverbend NEXT MONDAY 17th OCTOBER!!
If you would like to join our three week series, there is still room left in this after school class - PLEASE BOOK NOW!

everything horse and art of course!

Its coming up very soon...a much, much anticipated 6th birthday!
Having a birthday toward the end of each year means much planning + wishing...this year is no exception.
Horses are the interest of the age, art is the always-favored activity! Throw in a pass-the-parcel, pin-the-tail, a show-jumping-obsticle-course in the back yard, many, many food suggestions and we have a 'championship' event for this little 6yr old!
Planning is feverish, invites unfolding....

...don't forget to throw on your 'prizewinning' sash and join us for the ride! Next up, the art project...don't you just love a good birthday party!!


This could be the most extraordinary red wildflower I have ever seen!
Bulbous. Proud. Strong. Textural.
I am completely taken with it.
And speaking of red....I am noticing red flame tree's dotted everywhere at the moment...
ripening rich tomato harvest offered up in our abundant back yard plot...
are you noticing the red? Such bold, statement colour makes me happy!
Have a lovely weekend xx

New after school Stamp Making Series at Riverbend

We have had such success with the three week stamp making series run at the Gallery Cafe during term time, that we have decided to run this series at Riverbend also!
I love this series, over the three weeks the children learn a new skill, create some beautiful hand carved stamps and then in our final class, we use these stamps to decorate a range of gift cards, leathergoods and fabric! The children take home their stamps and the knowledge to continue making more stamps to use as they please.
A wonderful combination of teaching a skill and making beautiful art!

WHERE: Riverbend Books + Teahouse
WHEN: commencing Monday afternoon 17th October, running for 3 weeks.
TIME: 3.45-4.45pm
WHO: for 7-12yr olds
COST: $20 per class, $60 for the series including all materials, tools and goods to be stamped!!

always outstanding CLAY!

There must be something about the ENDLESS possibilities of cool, wet, soft clay...
being pondorously rolled between the fingers, imagination blooming...
that makes this workshop so enjoyable.
When I took a rough slab of wood and some beautiful white clay myself,
in the days preceeding these classes
and pondered, rolled, cut and formed...
I could have sat for hours!
I just love how each child's work so beautifully reflects their own response to SPRING!
Such variations!

In both the airy indoor/outdoor space at Riverbend and the light filled atrium at Carindale, the children were engrossed and incredibly imaginative creating detailed and skillful Spring wonderlands!
I do so love a good clay workshop!!