weekend wonder

[inspired by Ruth Asawa and her extraordinary sculpture, my wire crochet experiments...]

This weekend there was a pause in the class-prep-chaos as I took our 10yr old daughter away for a mother/daughter weekend. We had decided we would take each of our children away for a night of fun + connection when they turn ten as the world unfolds for them in more and more grown-up ways. We decided on a girly-celebrate-city-life weekend and had a wonderful time by day and night wandering, eating, talking and being inspired!
My 10yr old is a delight to share time with!
These are just a few of my instagram shots from the weekend - hope you enjoyed the stunning weather as much as we did and I can't wait to see many of you this coming week in our holiday classes xx

[BY DAY: the overhanging pool was her favourite/wire crochet experiments by the pool/such a stunning city icon in full bloom + sunshine!/couldn't keep her quirky sense of humor away from this fun journal!]

[BY NIGHT: Brisbane festival lanterns/lazer light show/night time fun with my girl!]

[most of today was spent wandering every inch of the art galleries...she loves these spaces as much as I do!]

weekday weave

[crochet vessel #6 holding sewing supplies]

The last week of school leading up to holiday classes is always a bit of a frenzy. I feel buried under a mountain of supplies + inspiration - not too bad a place to be for someone who loves art + creativity I guess, but easy to get lost here!
These are a few snaps from my week, including some of the delicious inspiration we will be soaking in next week for our classes!

[piles of soft floaty muslin sewn into scarves for printing]

[stamping sample #1 geometric]

[stamping sample #2 floral]

[inspiration for this class by the wonderful Marrimekko fabric house]

[wire flowers are multiplying here as my children experiment with offcuts!]

[so much wire goodness...I'm really loving this medium and have a few projects up my sleeve when class-craziness dies down!]

[Inspiration for this class by the ever-extraordinary Alexander Calder and his artwork in 3D]

[delicious rainbow of tissue cut for collage]

[texture from nature, flakey paperbark]

[inspiration for this class in the stunning work of Georgia O'Keeffe her use of colour + abstraction]

[long days packing and sorting....almost there!]

weekend wonder

[instagram photo @mguyatt]

Oh the perfect day and the perfect setting for a springtime weave+wonder birthday party! The sweet birthday girl selected our ever-popular clay fairy garden and there couldn't be a more beautiful, natural setting than this vast parkland next to a beautiful lake...


'It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.' — Henry David Thoreau

weekend wonder

Class preparation is progressing in earnest here with lots of folding and bending and trying and trying again. Our wire sculpture class, based on the work of Alexander Calder who we have explored in past art lessions, is coming along well...our home is full of 'bent-bits' and slowly a beautiful garden of flowers is emerging!
These will be seated in our wonderfully textural cut logs.

There is inspiration a-plenty budding in Spring gardens around here...

6yrO was inspired by these prolific annuals in our vege garden and jumped at the idea of a spring garden collage, thick with colour, texture and beauty - she was so proud of her work! We are experimenting for the holiday mixed media collage class.

I love how creativity has a beautiful meandering effect...the photo below shows 6yrO three piece series....the spring garden above ground; the seed and roots in the dirt with bugs surrounding; a close-up collage of a bug! Spark the imagination and it takes you on the most magical journey!
This time mama was soo proud!


'Stay close to nature and it will never fail you' Frank Lloyd Wright

In honor of the first week of spring, I thought these artful hanging plants by Australian company Mister Moss would inspire the marriage of nature + creativity in your home this week. Found via Design Milk.

weekend wonder

What a weekend..the Daddy in this house celebrates his birthday and Father's day all on one weekend! He asked for something low key and revelled in a long morning ride, delicious breakfast, long read of the paper in the sun and dinner around the fire with friends!
There was so much to do, I have few snaps but rest assured, enjoyment was had by all....these girls LOVE the man of the house!

:: while pencils are colour coded + sharpened inside...he relaxes in the sun outside!

:: a little gift-given-wall-art around our home...a new guitar stand and a round of golf!