weekend wonder

Class preparation is progressing in earnest here with lots of folding and bending and trying and trying again. Our wire sculpture class, based on the work of Alexander Calder who we have explored in past art lessions, is coming along well...our home is full of 'bent-bits' and slowly a beautiful garden of flowers is emerging!
These will be seated in our wonderfully textural cut logs.

There is inspiration a-plenty budding in Spring gardens around here...

6yrO was inspired by these prolific annuals in our vege garden and jumped at the idea of a spring garden collage, thick with colour, texture and beauty - she was so proud of her work! We are experimenting for the holiday mixed media collage class.

I love how creativity has a beautiful meandering effect...the photo below shows 6yrO three piece series....the spring garden above ground; the seed and roots in the dirt with bugs surrounding; a close-up collage of a bug! Spark the imagination and it takes you on the most magical journey!
This time mama was soo proud!