weekday weave

[crochet vessel #6 holding sewing supplies]

The last week of school leading up to holiday classes is always a bit of a frenzy. I feel buried under a mountain of supplies + inspiration - not too bad a place to be for someone who loves art + creativity I guess, but easy to get lost here!
These are a few snaps from my week, including some of the delicious inspiration we will be soaking in next week for our classes!

[piles of soft floaty muslin sewn into scarves for printing]

[stamping sample #1 geometric]

[stamping sample #2 floral]

[inspiration for this class by the wonderful Marrimekko fabric house]

[wire flowers are multiplying here as my children experiment with offcuts!]

[so much wire goodness...I'm really loving this medium and have a few projects up my sleeve when class-craziness dies down!]

[Inspiration for this class by the ever-extraordinary Alexander Calder and his artwork in 3D]

[delicious rainbow of tissue cut for collage]

[texture from nature, flakey paperbark]

[inspiration for this class in the stunning work of Georgia O'Keeffe her use of colour + abstraction]

[long days packing and sorting....almost there!]