weekend wonder

[inspired by Ruth Asawa and her extraordinary sculpture, my wire crochet experiments...]

This weekend there was a pause in the class-prep-chaos as I took our 10yr old daughter away for a mother/daughter weekend. We had decided we would take each of our children away for a night of fun + connection when they turn ten as the world unfolds for them in more and more grown-up ways. We decided on a girly-celebrate-city-life weekend and had a wonderful time by day and night wandering, eating, talking and being inspired!
My 10yr old is a delight to share time with!
These are just a few of my instagram shots from the weekend - hope you enjoyed the stunning weather as much as we did and I can't wait to see many of you this coming week in our holiday classes xx

[BY DAY: the overhanging pool was her favourite/wire crochet experiments by the pool/such a stunning city icon in full bloom + sunshine!/couldn't keep her quirky sense of humor away from this fun journal!]

[BY NIGHT: Brisbane festival lanterns/lazer light show/night time fun with my girl!]

[most of today was spent wandering every inch of the art galleries...she loves these spaces as much as I do!]