holiday class wrap up I * Fashion

Deepest appologies for the delay in posting about our wonderful school holiday classes!
First up, a review on the sensational fashion design series. The feedback we received was so positive - a great 'taster' course for those interested in fashion as a career or those just starting to show an interest! The course is jam-packed with a wealth of useful information. The ever-talented Melanie Finger, fashion designer for Australia Zoo's Bindiwear and several of her own labels, including Nieve as well as a TAFE-qualified fashion design teacher. Melanie has designed a comprehensive + fun series enjoyed by all - we will run this successful series again next year!
In Melanie's words....

I had a wonderful three days with 6 very talented young ladies!

On day one we explored why people wear what they wear, where and how to look for inspiration (sorry if they have started cutting up your good magazines!) and began doodling in our own way. What emerged straight away were well thought out inspired designs – what a delight to see that talent!

On Day Two we looked at professional fashion illustration and how we can express our designs. We whipped out watercolour, oil pastels, turps, pens and pencils and after careful use of the light box with our favourite drawing, the girls were straight into creating a masterpiece! I hope you are very proud of what they produced!

On Day Three we talked about colour and fabrics and how much of an impact if can have on your designs. We chose a colour palette for our theme and then began the process of refining the designs and presenting as a final fashion illustration. As you can see from the photos – the results were extraordinary!

Thank you for entrusting your children to me – it was a delightful time. I really hope they are enjoying the journals and the extra work I included.
I just loved the way the girls worked at home in between class and were so excited about showing me their discoveries – such a motivated group!

Hope to see you again in another series!