strawberry picking

It is a tradition in our family to go strawberry picking with our dear friends, who come to stay with us from Cambodia each year at this time. We head to the sunshine coast, pick, eat and head to the beach for lunch and ice cream! Bliss!
This year, it seemed that the good idea had caught on - there were people at our usual haunt in droves, which of course meant that the price of strawberries was exhorbetent! Especially when you pick your own! Our children were under instruction to only pic the VERY red and only a VERY few!! Those we did pick were delicious, fresh off the rows of bushes, eaten VERY quickly sitting in the warm sunshine! It did make me a little wishful for ambling slowly through wild rows of fruit and having our children eat till they could eat no more - a romantic notion I know! Our experience was a little more 'city' and a little more commercialised, but none the less enjoyable for all...our children will still remind us with joy of our tradition next year!
Do you have any annual traditions? If you live in Brisbane, I highly recommend this one for any sunny day through until September!

the test lab!

A whole lot of experimental making and thinking is going on around here amid the business of life back at school and with houseguests!
New class ideas are coming together and expressions of interest will be called for very soon! We are excited about this 'windy season' of August, Fathers day and the sweet anticipation of spring!
Here is just a little taste of the making around here:

creativity in the garden

Now this sudden burst of creativity I cannot take any credit for! My husband ultimately got sick of staring at a barren vege patch and planted up a storm and it is to his credit that we are reaping a bumper winter harvest!
Creativity in the garden is a wonderful outlet for children, particularly in our mild Brisbane winter! There are some exceptional books available to get you inspired, I will gather some we love and post here soon!
These burgening gardens are a wonderful place to gather natural treasures for making - seeds, grasses, might even like to hide your handmade 'fungi forest' among the leaves...just in case fairy's come to visit, you know!


It is such a gift to share time with inspirational and creative women who encourage one another in their relationships, parenting, personal growth + intellect and of course the odd creative experiment undertaken as an outlet in our crazy-full lives!
I enjoyed one such day on Saturday just gone and emerged richer, perhaps wiser and more fulfilled in my creative persuits....lighter from laughter, heavier from good food shared!
Do you have women who inspire you in your life? Perhaps through a common creative interest, perhaps those who encourage you to be the best you can be...why not make the time for just 'hanging out' and enjoying one another...something just for you!
I have been asked if I will be running art classes for Mums!! I am considering running a 'Mum's night out' involving creative projects, music, good food, tea/coffe/wine!! If this is something that might interest you, please email me [], I would love to keep you posted!


Please forgive the short absence from this space, these last days were all about pausing...exhaling...and savoring the beauty of family and feasting on the sensational winter weather!
I find pauses in the steamtrain of life can bring such refreshing if we can drink deep and with longing to savor: the vibrant blue sky, the warmth of the sun and the contrasting cool and chill when the sun hides its face...
It was with such longing that we scampered away for a few days of rest and relaxation. The location was such a stimulation to the senses that we were all revived and refreshed for the days ahead. Beware...lengthy photographic record to follow!

I held my breath in awe as I watched the sun crown the morning. I have never before witnessed such a symphony of light, held most entranced by the sea mist rising to welcome the sun.

:: My eldest was drawn to the theatre as well with pencil and sketchbook in hand, the glow of beauty reflected off her face as she drew what she experienced...[I encourage all my children + students alike to carry a sketchbook+pencil + just try and capture moments like these - this one required no prompting from me!]

:: As the sun rose, so did the call to tumble downstairs from here...

:: here, and the heated pool+spa perched on the sand.

:: as soon as feet hit the sand, heads were down so as not to miss a single perfect shell treasure! [I'll post some beautiful ideas soon on ways to make art with found treasures]

:: collected in shoes!

:: as evening fell, we wandered again...

:: amid spontaneous long jump competitions...

:: slow fishing rhythms

:: and bathed in the soft, soft sunset kisses

:: we breathed deeply of the cool, inspiring, invigorating salt air and carried a whole heartful of this beauty home with us into our everyday...

What do you do to restore and revive? Creativity thrives in unexpected moments of beauty, often found when we are in unfamiliar environments, eyes wide to the wonder around us. Even if it is just a wander to your local park, re-energise and shift your focus...and see what creativity follows in your world, and in your little ones!

Watch this space for exciting new classes coming soon and thank you for your patience in this lengthy reflection - hope it inspired you to seek beauty somewhere unexpected in your everyday! xx