the beauty of birds

Our final school holiday workshop was full and busy!
Our conversation centred around the kinds of birds we might see in our neighbourhood - the children had much to add to the lively discussion!

We looked at some amazing artwork by Anna Wili Highfield, an Australian artist who makes sculptures of native birds out of paper! Do check out her website for more extraordinary creations:

Any good project begins with planning and the children pondered their favourite birds on paper before they launched into making them in 3D!

The children were fairly nervous in their approach to the technique of folding and binding and making, as they mastered one bird, the next seemed to come more naturally.

As the children gathered their 'flocks' our job became a bit labor intensive as we threaded birds on invisable string to hang on their choice of branch or pinecone. I can just imagine flocks of beautiful birds swaying gently in the winter breeze as they found their way home....

[this class was so hands-on, I regretfully was unable to slip in some photos, making do with my daughter's creations viewed at home after the class! Thanks so much to my dear friends Caroline and Bek for helping in the classes and snaping the beautiful photos of previous workshops - I couldn't have done it without you xx]