watercolour wonder

'Golden and red trees, nod to the soft breeze, as it whispers, 'winter is near'...A Fall Song (Ellen Robina Field)

water...watercolour paint needs lots of water...inspiring the children to grab what they might find around the home, coffee filters and newspaper. With a few tubes of primary colour and a little basic colour theory, they are on their way to blending colours!
Our inspiration last thursday involved leaf litter and glorious autumnal colour! Children learned about composition, background and foreground as they built up their collages with watercolour leaves, fabric and felt leaves and the odd ant + leaf-litter creature! Environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy again and watercolour artist, Joseph Turner were our Great Artist inspiration:

'Spades take up leaves, no better than spoons, and bags full of leaves are as light as balloons'.... Gathering Leaves (Robert Frost)