Christmas toe-tapping

It has been a new version of the Christmas season this year for me...jumping from overseas trip to the fantastic rollercoaster ride of 10 full art classes, and then into advent creativity with my own wee ones! I have come out the other side in the grip of a nasty need-to-rest-now bug!!
All this jumping around has led to a whole lot of unplugging and being present in these moments with my family....after all, creativity only begins when inspiration is ignited!
So WEAVE+WONDER will be taking some time this January to reflect on the amazing, incredible journey that this year has been - one of extreemly positive new beginnings! And we will be basking in the glow of many sparklers to ignite+inspire a new creative journey for 2012..!
I will be back soon to post some great pics of holiday creativity from our Christmas classes and drift back to some inspiration from my recent OS trip..for now, here are some of our seasons greetings! xx

:: dreamy Riverbend class setting...

:: wrapping goodness...

:: our Christmas star, created by one of my girls...we love the idea of this beacon of light having a different silhouette each year...unwoven, new wool and new hands!

:: pom pom party!

:: clay is always involved in our christmas gifting...

:: nature + candles...can't get more authentic at Christmas than connecting with your surroundings...

:: vintage English teapot + artisan inspiration - gifted bliss!

:: after-christmas glow...

:: some of our own angel+wire star goodness!

days of clay

It was wonderful festive fun at the Gallery Cafe yesterday, with delightful, attentive children totally absorbed in their making!
We use air dry clay in our holiday workshops so children can take away their handmade creations and in a day or so, varnish and hang ready for christmas! The decorations and pinch pots (made and stamped with names of loved ones with left-over clay!) make wonderful gifts and we loved hearing the sweet stories behind each gift - gratitude and love abounds in these selfless handmade treasures!

And today, the wonderful Riverbend art space took on a rustic christmas theme, all ready to repeat our clay making with another two groups of enthusiastic makers! We read Wombat Divine, a christmas favourite of mine and were reminded that when we create something uniquely our own - we will truly 'steal the spotlight' - origionality is a great gift and reaps true reward!

clay: lesson sneek peek!

With a little light hearted wander through a sweet Australian christmas tale - a reminder that being 'uniquely yourself' will recieve the greatest acclaim in the end!

We then inspire the children with famous artwork using similar technique to what we will be exploring in the class - this work is an example of 'relief' artwork from Ancient Egypt. Our everyday coins are another good example of the 'sunken relief' which we will be experimenting with in our clay class to form unique decorations and tags...

And a wonderful contempory example of similar work to what our children will be producing is by local Brisbane ceramic artist, Kylie Johnson. of Paper Boat Press.

We are all packed and ready to begin a wonderful week full of creative fun with your children - can't wait to meet you!


There is something deeply satisfying for me on a rainy Saturday to see singles become multiples, become piles, become sets.

:: dividing, cutting, wraping, tying, sorting, packing...

:: my eye is drawn to the growing piles, satisfied...

:: and with eager hands volunteering to help, a production line of sorts is formed and kits are packed....

:: hands gathering twine + clay + varnish + notes...

:: rows of stamped card stretching on and on, yes, satisfying...

:: we are ready to begin the fun!

a few things: nature in London

Ahh the seasons! I could live here again if these stunning parks were our playground...

A few things: wandering london

A break from the familiar has such potential to inspire creativity..the sights, sounds, feast for the senses, texture, energy. While we are crazy-busy pulling together our abundantly full and exciting Christmas classes, I thought you might like a few glimpses into my brief trip. There is nothing like shifting focus in order to sharpen the eyes to the beauty of our are a few things that caught my eye while wandering. I will follow up with a few things: nature; a few things: art+ creativity; a few things: paris and a few things: hong kong over the next few days..

:: first glimpses of sunlight + rooftops

:: cobblestone lanes + autumn leaves

:: never tiring of wrought iron texture

:: Camden loch... marketplace since the 1800's

:: architecture interrupting the skyline through the centuries

:: the glitz of excess...extraordinary harrods christmas windows

:: Some things change, some stay the same

:: christmas means sugar coating in Covent Garden

:: only when lost in the moment does cheesecake become lunch

:: always a little gold leaf heralding the nearness of royalty