A few things: wandering london

A break from the familiar has such potential to inspire creativity..the sights, sounds, feast for the senses, texture, energy. While we are crazy-busy pulling together our abundantly full and exciting Christmas classes, I thought you might like a few glimpses into my brief trip. There is nothing like shifting focus in order to sharpen the eyes to the beauty of our everyday...here are a few things that caught my eye while wandering. I will follow up with a few things: nature; a few things: art+ creativity; a few things: paris and a few things: hong kong over the next few days..

:: first glimpses of sunlight + rooftops

:: cobblestone lanes + autumn leaves

:: never tiring of wrought iron texture

:: Camden loch... marketplace since the 1800's

:: architecture interrupting the skyline through the centuries

:: the glitz of excess...extraordinary harrods christmas windows

:: Some things change, some stay the same

:: christmas means sugar coating in Covent Garden

:: only when lost in the moment does cheesecake become lunch

:: always a little gold leaf heralding the nearness of royalty