'Rest time is not lost time;
It's what gives meaning to the rest of time' AV

creating begets creating!

Some days just surprise you with their magic!
Today was one of those in my household..
My children are always asking if they can come to my art classes.
Mostly, and gratefully, they are all fully booked and the children miss out on a place.
And after two full days of classes, I had thought that creating would be far from our hands + minds on this our day off!
But I think there is something about creating...that just begets more creating, and more inspiration...and more energy to discover something new!
So when my children asked - oh so sweetly and enthusiastically - to 'make some of the art from the classes please Mama' - I surprised myself when I jumped in with a 'YES!'
I whipped up some more beautiful tote bags and silhouettes and they couldn't wait to get started this morning!

Even the 2y old got in on the gluing and placing...and laughing a lot when her fingers stuck together!!

Here they are patiently waiting for handles to be sewn on...and while they waited, we jumped right on in to a different but very satisfying 2D abstract artwork - a bit of research + development for future classes - my children are happily my test lab!

wearable art

Such energy + enthusiasm! Such busy creators! Such a wonderful, quiet, fresh-air creating space!
The costume and cleverness that came out of our first double holiday workshop at Riverbend was inspiring!
All hands were super-busy coordinating colour and playing with texture + technique - including mine, which were constantly required to tie knots or help with a tricky detail!!
It was such a hands-on workshop that I had no time for photography, snaping a few before + after...
I have already recieved feedback that 'finger-knitting' was an absolute hit in their household and I love that the children have returned home with a new skill and some new materials to create with! I even gave away my 'secret' supplier of georgous jersey-knit strips for creating chunky finger-knit wraps...if you want in on the secret...just leave a comment!!

Terrific Totes!

The sun was shining, the air conditioning cool and we were joined by a beautiful bunch of children for our first Spring Holiday art+craft class!
For all the effort, making the bags by hand and cutting, cutting cutting insect silhouettes and 'flower' circles - it was worth it to see the outcomes!
The children's work was wonderful! Their patience, perfect!
They mastered the fine motor skill of stitching with ease and confidence!
Such a delightful workshop to teach - and, it seems to observe - the crowds gathering around our creating space with interested and approving eyes!

I particularly loved this last tote for its origionality!...she chose the christmas beatle silhouette and then very appropriately and thoughtfully placed it in 'the dirt' and considered balance and unity with the neutral + repeated detail on the top of the bag! I love how she created something very unique with confidence and thoughtfulness!
I will add more completed works here soon - I asked a few children to take a pic for me of them using their wonderful nature totes these holidays!!

Lets explore SPRING!

Here we go...

Tomorrow we begin an intense week of creativity, fun, colour and adventure!

WEAVE great stories through our creating time...
INSPIRE the imagination through the work of Great Artists...
GROW knowledge using age appropriate art theory...
NURTURE creativity through experimenting with natural + quality materials...
Leave with display + play-worthy art and a sense of WONDER in all they have created!

Sincere thanks to the wonderful venues: The Gallery Cafe, Carindale Shopping Centre and Riverbend Books + Teahouse, Bulimba, for the ability to set up a magical creative space for the children, while Carers + Siblings enjoy a great coffee + meal!
Classes begin at 9.00am and 11.00am sharp, please check venue details and confirm your class time....

Children...I can't wait to meet you and share in this artistic adventure as we explore Spring together!


She is incredibly creative, imaginative & innovative..perhaps these senses are heightened where others are dulled...
She retreats into books, the myriad worlds of adventure, mystery & discovery...wonderful inspiration for creative's no wonder she is never short of an idea! What a gift to the innovative mind is good literature!
Every child should swim in the sea of the imagination, cultivate the gift..learn to see beauty & dream big dreams..for here grows the innovation of the future. In this way, every child is an artist when they dream & create something from just a seed, an idea, an inspiration.
I love to think of my children, and my students, exercising this creative muscle regularly when they experiment with artistic media.

I know she loves it too, this firstborn of mine who is often in her own world, a bubble, like being underwater. She is as bright and inspired and confident as if she could hear every word spoken, every noise made. She doesn't look to technology to entertain her, she innovates - what a gifted leader she will be some day!
Today she can hear again...even a whisper! And the babies in recovery this week 'were way too loud Mama!!' I have never been so grateful for crying babies...nor for her gift of creativity that carries her through these seasons.

As we burst upon the Spring holiday's, I can already hear their creative planning drifting in from the back yard - here's to days of sunshiny freedom, the gift of hearing, and beautiful, wild imaginations!


:: Wearable art class Tuesday 20th...

:: 'What's sprouting in Spring!' Thursday 22nd + Friday 23rd...

:: Design your own nature tote bag, Monday 19th...

HURRY!!! There are still a handful of places left in our unique and exciting classes next week! We are very excited about this opportunity for your children to create some beautiful works of art - don't miss out!

weaving - wow!

Last Monday was one of my favourites!
To finish the Riverbend after school series on a high note was wonderful!
Everything from the 'oos + ahhs' over the table set up
to the raport the children now have with one another
Just delightful!

The children were enthusiastic and jumped right in to the weaving with confidence.

I think the results are stunning!

A heart felt thank you to all the beautiful children who shared Monday (and Thursday) afternoons with me! You excelled in your enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to give everything a go! You are exceptional artists who will use those innovative skills as leaders of the future - great job!

weekend wandering

I love waking in this quiet corner of the world...
Where dew sparkles, suspended
Where shaddows stretch
Sunshine radiates warmth
Winds howl through the valley and whip at anything man-made that doesn't bend..
To slowly gather nature
enjoy treasured friendships
breathe deeply
kiss of the warming fire + rich company lingering as we slowly journey home...

woven wonders

To our final after school workshop at Riverbend!
We have covered four very distinct artistic media - collage, painting, stitching and weaving - it has been a wonderful journey as we explore different techniques for creating and hopefully we have expanded your child's artistic horrizons to experiment with new + unusual materials!
I have really enjoyed our storytime during these classes - the books have been a sensational springboard for creativity - you can almost see the 'wheels of creativity' ticking over in their minds as they ponder the subject, the illustrations, the use of colour, or just loose themselves in their imaginations! Our conversations via off on tangents, related + unrelated to the story - I love that good Literature encourages children to question, imagine and relate!
If your children have enjoyed the books we have paired with our classes, I would encourage you to purchase these through the bookstore - they will be a continual reminder of our creative endevours as well as inspire to greater creativity at home!

And now...on to the final workshop - one that I am excited about - we are weaving this week!! This project is such a wonderful introduction to the art of weaving, in particular as we talk about our Indigenous Australians relying heavily on weaving techniques to create baskets to use in their nomadic lifestyle - we will explore some wonderful work by Indigenous artists!
It is also amazing for children to connect this basic artistic skill with the clothing they are wearing - understanding how fabric is made!
Bring on Monday and the sensational woven masterpieces your children will create!!