She is incredibly creative, imaginative & innovative..perhaps these senses are heightened where others are dulled...
She retreats into books, the myriad worlds of adventure, mystery & discovery...wonderful inspiration for creative adventures...it's no wonder she is never short of an idea! What a gift to the innovative mind is good literature!
Every child should swim in the sea of the imagination, cultivate the gift..learn to see beauty & dream big dreams..for here grows the innovation of the future. In this way, every child is an artist when they dream & create something from just a seed, an idea, an inspiration.
I love to think of my children, and my students, exercising this creative muscle regularly when they experiment with artistic media.

I know she loves it too, this firstborn of mine who is often in her own world, a bubble, like being underwater. She is as bright and inspired and confident as if she could hear every word spoken, every noise made. She doesn't look to technology to entertain her, she innovates - what a gifted leader she will be some day!
Today she can hear again...even a whisper! And the babies in recovery this week 'were way too loud Mama!!' I have never been so grateful for crying babies...nor for her gift of creativity that carries her through these seasons.

As we burst upon the Spring holiday's, I can already hear their creative planning drifting in from the back yard - here's to days of sunshiny freedom, the gift of hearing, and beautiful, wild imaginations!