Stamping wrap up

I so love this stamp making series!
With a small group of chatty engaged children, a mix of boys and girls, hands busy - carving and concentrating - we thoroughly enjoyed our three afternoons together at the Gallery Cafe! The environment is warm and inviting and with the promise of hot chips and milkshakes for a late afternoon snack, they enthusiasticly engaged in our learning + creating!
Our third and final week was all about learning to use our stamps - creating pattern repeats and learning basic print making techniques. The children, after planning their designs, stamped up a storm and made some beautiful custom leathergoods - a bookmark, keychain and small pocket notebook as well as gift tags!
This series is a wonderful introduction to the art of carving and printmaking, using kid-friendly rubber + foam and basic design ideas. The children have left with some beautiful work, stamps they can re-use again + again and having learned a new skill - I am sure there will be much more stamp carving going on in these households in the days to come!