Mixed media Celebration collage

With our textural wooden substrate + your child's unique line drawing, representing 'their favourite celebration moment'. Artfully finished off with some beautiful collage work. This mixed media work will make a wonderful gift or welcome addition to your home gallery!
We will explore the work of great mixed media artists + discuss line drawing. And we will use literature to inspire your child's creation.
We will focus on drawing technique and how to transfer a finished drawing to another substrate.
I am looking forward to the entirely unique and expressive creations from your children!

My favourate way to Celebrate at this time of year, would be in an Eames rocking chair with some sensational books....watching my children at play!' I think this collage will remain here...a hint to my hubby for Christmas....! What's your favourate way to celebrate at this time of year?

Fabric+wire sculpture

Each year around this time, we add to our collection of angels!
'Light as a feather' and dancing in the breeze, these beautiful creatures hang in their 'hosts' around our home and add a touch of whimsy+wonder to our Christmas celebration!
We also greatly enjoy working with wire, bending, shaping, sculpting into creations of all shapes from houses, to bird cages, bird nests to stars..!
In this unique class, children will have the option to create either an angel or wire star garland for their home - each sculptural beauty a stunning addition to your Celebration!
I find that children love to see their designs come to life in 3D and with inspiration from great sculptural artists + stunning literature, their creations will be something to be proud of indeed!

on a jet plane

In the next few days, I will leave four sweet children and one incredible Daddy at home for two whole weeks and fly to London+Paris+Hong Kong to visit my brother's family + friends. A sacrificial gift of huge proportions for which I am immensely grateful! Incredibly down-to-the-wire busy, a little anxious - it is after all the last two weeks of school!! But mostly, very excited! I look forward to many hours of thinking, planning, wandering art galleries, exploring, dreaming and enjoying great company - OH THE INSPIRATION FOR THIS CREATIVE!
I hope to post some travel pics here if all goes well with my technology! If not, I may try Facebook or wait till I return home! I will hit the ground running with final preparations for the Christmas classes - deep breath!
If you have any inquiries regarding the Christmas classes, please email me at melissa@guyatt.net, I will be responding via email.

Clay decorations

Clay is such a wonderful medium to create with!
And there is nothing more sophisticated than a white palette!
Add to this some beautiful designs, textural patterns, and letter stamps to create unique word-pictures and we have a class that is guaranteed to produce some beautiful decorations + gift tags for Christmas!
In our house, we use clay for just about any occasion and my children are continually coming up with new designs. In our unique classes, we will use wonderful literature + the work of great artists to inspire, and then tumble into some seriously fun creating!
We will learn techniques for working with, shaping + smoothing clay as well as printing + texturizing the medium.

weekend wanderings

Its very difficult to be photographer, art teacher + party mama at the same time!
This weekend our 6yr old's much anticipated 'horsey art party' was a huge success and that beautiful grin never left her face!
Consequently, I didn't get many good pics but that's life - sometimes best LIVED rather than CAPTURED, right?
The canvas art amid much red paint and 'farrari' analogies was very successful and complimented the many traditional party activities.
Most enjoyed was the 'show-jumping' obsticle course - a hand shake and lollipop-prize-ribbon motivation enough for all to participate!
6yr old bliss all round...!


A little earlier this week we released the dates for the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY ART CLASSES!
Please refer to the side bar for quick reference, however the classes will be as follows:

Monday 12th December - Clay Christmas decorations at the GALLERY CAFE
Tuesday 13th December - Clay Christmas decorations at RIVERBEND BOOKS + TEAHOUSE
Wednesday 14th December - Fabric + wire Christmas Garlands at GALLERY CAFE
Thursday 15th December - Fabric + wire Christmas Garlands at RIVERBEND BOOKS + TEAHOUSE
Tuesday 20th December - Mixed Media Celebration collage at RIVERBEND BOOKS + TEAHOUSE

The classes at the Gallery Cafe will be run from 9.30-10.30am.
Currently these classes are half full and we will run a second class from 11.00-12.00noon if we have enough bookings.

The classes at Riverbend Books + Teahouse will be run from 9.00-10.00am.
These classes are all but full ALREADY!! HOW WONDERFUL!
We will run a second class on these days from 11.00-12.00noon!

The classes cost $20 with a sibling discount of 15%

We will be posting here all throughout this week further details + inspiration for each class so do pop back in and be inspired!
Thank you for your EXCEPTIONAL support of our WEAVE+WONDER art classes, it is such a privilage to nurture creativity alongside your children!


This week has been all about preparation.
Preparing to release the dates + details of our exciting Christmas art classes - WATCH THIS SPACE, there is more to come here over the next few days!
And preparation for a certain 6yr old's sweet horse + art party tomorrow...

:: the canvas' are ready...smatterings of red everywhere!

:: the best part of today was baking with a 2yr old - I forget how much fun that can be, watching her delight in all things tasty+tactile!

:: as the ribbons flutter in the afternoon breeze, a blonde twinkly-eyed girl whispers, 'thanks so much Mum for doing all this to make my party special!'....ahhh, that makes all the effort worthwhile. I smile and kiss the top of that beautiful head...