the best kind of making

This week I finally had a window of time to do some making of the best kind, to give away! Two felt, hand stitched wine bottle holders and their delicious cargo a small offering of thanks delivered with deep gratitude to some very important people involved in our WEAVE+WONDER journey. I think it is a fitting way to launch into the new year, by offering a little thanks to those who have walked with us this far...I'll be off to deliver these next week!
While on the subject of thanks -
To all the sensational parents who believe in encouraging their children to use their imaginations, who believe in their own unique self-expression - thank you for the privilage of working with your amazingly tallented children!
Thank you for your support of the WEAVE+WONDER journey, an exploration of natural and unique materials to encourage 'creativity woven into life'!
This year, with the support of our wonderful venues, we hope to develop even more exciting, inspirational and sophisticated art+craft classes and products for your children!

:: I'm really loving working with this industrial felt and whipped up another ipad cover - I am exploring the possibility of developing a range of these felt products to sell - if you feel so inclined, tell me what you think??

a few things: art + creativity

Wow! I didn't expect to hybernate my way through January, although that is what it seems like in terms of this space - I expected to be here often during our care-free summer days! Children, however, have a way of insisting you be present in the 'now' and life always throws curve balls and so our January flew by - in both bliss and crazy-business!
I do like January for the thrill of setting new times + plans and there is no shortage of these things humming into place in the background for WEAVE+WONDER this year. While I am still sifting, sorting, organising and planning, my thoughts often wander back to some of the inspirational time spent wandering abroad before Christmas and so here are a few pics following on where I left off.....

I did thoroughly enjoy time spent immersed in a taste of London's art, highlights included the Gerhard Richter exhibition at the Tate Modern and the Power of Making exhibition at the Victoria & Albert...
There is nothing like spending a few quiet hours alone with your thoughts and endless creative genius!

:: as a student of architcture, vista's of buildings keep me captivated for hours!

:: I can't recall the name of this work, a 20-odd metre movie screen with changing cinematography, very sensory and interactive..the ever-changing audience in the foreground part of the animation!

:: The Surrealist permanent exhibition was sensational, nothing like a few of Picaso's works up close!

:: will post more on Richter's work soon - he was prolific and diverse, love!

:: Mind bending making at the Power of Making exhibition, V&A.

:: Power of making exhibition, V&A: wall-size knitting; ballgown made of dressmakers pins; rug made of tesselated wood!

:: Banksy street art culture in Notting Hill

new year glow

Welcome to 2012 in this little creative space!

I can't wait to share with you the sparkle of new plans and ideas as we expand WEAVE+WONDER this year!
We are happily returned from the sweet bliss of slow holidays post-Christmas and are leaping in with both feet to plan seasonal 'inspiration series' during school term time and continue some exciting design work on stylish art kits. We will also continue to offer our very popular school holiday art classes.
WEAVE+WONDER hopes to provide a unique opportunity for children to engage in stylish + innovative art projects all while parents/carers enjoy a restful coffee or browse in the bookshop! Our classes and upcoming kits are designed to nurture the inherent creativity in children through the use of beautiful natural materials & inspiring projects!
January is the perfect time, while children are rested, energetic and just itching for some inspiration, to engage in some creative projects at home. Creativity need not be 'high art', but the natural outcome of encouraging children to use their imaginations within a guided framework.
To get you started, here are a few ways our household makes the choice for creativity in our everyday....

:: pull out a pile of summer sarongs and some pegs and watch a magic, far-away world come to life! Help if you like, or just 'set the scene' and watch them create! This tee pee is home to an Indian pow wow this day....

:: clay, clay, clay! Or any variation there of! I find that when I launch into a creative project (we made leaf/feather mobiles as gifts & for our back patio) my children love to join in and are extremely proud that our 'artwork' becomes a feature in our home and others!
Air dry clay (for pots, mobiles, jewelery beads, etc), coloured plasticine (for hours of disposable figurine fun!), salt dough to bake in the oven or even the humble handmade play dough can change up the flow of the day with some tactile fun for all ages!

:: the scrap bin!! Full of wool, fabric and paper in our home...this treasure trove can mean anything is possible on any given day! Today in our home, a rainbow of coloured wool became a banner over a 'pop up' shop....and then, a room divider to determine who played on one side and who the other...hmm, this one tumbled into heated debate & had to come to a speedy creative end!!

:: art for the home. As I mentioned before, I often get a creative itch at the fresh beginning of a new year, a new season, children love to be involved in my own creative bent, and as often as I can, I make an effort to include them! This is one of the richest ways to inspire our children, let them share in the things we are passionate about! Our living room proudly sports some left-over paper pom poms from Christmas celebrations and a new abstract artwork - both simple projects to include children in!

:: visit GOMA!! Or the local art gallery near you!! These places are just bursting with creativity - both sophisticated and geared toward children. Make sure you visit the sticker room, paper collage and magic wonderland in the Brisbane cultural heart (look online for details of whats on) and something my children have come to love is a search through the gallery to find a new favorite painting and then sketch/colour it! This adventure is ripe with possibilities - I don't expect that the children will produce a masterpiece, just engage their powers of observation and appreciation of art!

:: I just had to include this last one cause I couldn't resist those cute eyes!! If creativity fails to blossom in traditional ways, why not change things up a bit by doing a pet swap or animal-sit during the holidays! Hours of fresh fun and the discipline of animal care (this one is only for animal lovers - you never know, you just might inspire a new drawing theme...'me playing with texie the dog!')