a few things: art + creativity

Wow! I didn't expect to hybernate my way through January, although that is what it seems like in terms of this space - I expected to be here often during our care-free summer days! Children, however, have a way of insisting you be present in the 'now' and life always throws curve balls and so our January flew by - in both bliss and crazy-business!
I do like January for the thrill of setting new times + plans and there is no shortage of these things humming into place in the background for WEAVE+WONDER this year. While I am still sifting, sorting, organising and planning, my thoughts often wander back to some of the inspirational time spent wandering abroad before Christmas and so here are a few pics following on where I left off.....

I did thoroughly enjoy time spent immersed in a taste of London's art, highlights included the Gerhard Richter exhibition at the Tate Modern and the Power of Making exhibition at the Victoria & Albert...
There is nothing like spending a few quiet hours alone with your thoughts and endless creative genius!

:: as a student of architcture, vista's of buildings keep me captivated for hours!

:: I can't recall the name of this work, a 20-odd metre movie screen with changing cinematography, very sensory and interactive..the ever-changing audience in the foreground part of the animation!

:: The Surrealist permanent exhibition was sensational, nothing like a few of Picaso's works up close!

:: will post more on Richter's work soon - he was prolific and diverse, love!

:: Mind bending making at the Power of Making exhibition, V&A.

:: Power of making exhibition, V&A: wall-size knitting; ballgown made of dressmakers pins; rug made of tesselated wood!

:: Banksy street art culture in Notting Hill