Fashion Design Course - new start date!

We are branching into a new age group with our fashion design course and are so excited about the benefits of Melanie's course for teenage children with an interest in fashion!
We have decided to postpone our start date to follow up more bookings - we will commence this wonderful four week inspiration series on Tuesday 7th August.
If you know of anyone who has an interest in fashion and is free to join us on Tuesday afternoons, email


'Change is not a process for the impatient' Barbara Reinhald

I love the art of snedker studio...'Pernille Snedker Hansen's main drive is to challenge how we look and experience the surfaces that build up our environments. She wants to make people curious and enjoy the visual treasures in the details and unexpected materials. '

I have been thinking a lot about change lately, our natural resistance to it, yet our impatience to be or do something profound. I love the quote above because it reminds me to not run ahead of the 'significant' next step. Keeping things simple and working on what is at hand, one small and quite step at a time.

weekend wonder....our first knitting workshop!

It was so lovely to begin the weekend with an inspiring and bountiful visit to the local farmers markets. An old familiar habit tried on again for size and enjoyed immensely!
This week on my list I added flowers to share with my afternoon knitters at Riverbend!

...and a few sweet treats for those staying at home too!

If truth be told, I was a little nervous about the upcoming knitting workshop...if the tangles my children have found themselves in knitting were anything to go by, I was hoping the transfer of information through instruction + encouragement + laughter + good company would cover any frustrations for any first-time knitters!
I had a dear friend join me to help teach and I knew her gentle and patient manner would be an encouragement to those with any difficulties - I was so grateful!
The beautiful mothers and sweet attentive children were such a delight to spend an afternoon with! The setting was an inspiring backdrop to the relaxed conversation and general good feeling around the tables. We were so busy during the 1.5 hours that there was no time for photos sadly, just these sweet images beforehand to give you a feel for the afternoon ahead....

There were many + varied skill levels attending and I hope all went home inspired to continue knitting with their children! Some mothers could knit, for some it came back, just like riding a bicycle! Some had never picked up needles before! We worked together with parents to teach and encourage the children in what was mostly a new skill!
Thanks so much to all who attended and we look forward to seeing some snaps of your completed works in the days to come!

parent+child knitting tomorrow!

Its been a busy week here with correspondence flying regarding the Fashion workshop and knitting materials being sourced and prepared. I love the feel of soft wool between the fingers, the slow work, the excitement of making something simple. beautiful.
We are looking foward to an afternoon of sharing skills and company, parents learning alongside their children, taking home a shared love of winter knitting and the beginnings of many more textural works of art!

:: balls hand rolled and fixed with beautiful washi tape

:: are growing and growing...

:: I am satisfied by the increasing pile!

:: and we had to circumnavigate the city to source enough of these beautiful bamboo needles. so good.

:: and of course the knitting going on and on...!

:: a pop of fun colour for the blanket stitch!

:: Samples create a pleasing gathering of texture...

Exciting Fashion Class overview!

[image by Belinda Chen]

We are really excited and privilaged to have Melanie Finger running a Fashion Design series commencing next Tuesday afternoon at Riverbend Books + Teahouse, Bulimba.
Her experience would be invaluable to a child considering Fashion as a career or with a creative interest in this area.
Come and join us on Riverbend's stunning tree-enclosed deck for this wonderful experience - you won't be dissapointed!
I wanted to include an outline of the course just to peak your interest:

- Introduction to Fashion Forecasting and Trends including create a Mood Board for Design
- Introduction to Fashion Illustration/ figure drawing
- Elements and Principals of Design / ideas for your own ‘brand’
- Introduction to Colour and Fabrics/ Designing Fabric Prints
- (If time) Vintage clothing inspirations, small hands on design project.

The class will involve 10-15mins of theory and Q&A chat time, then 45 minutes of practical Work.

It is important to be in class for each week as students will complete a folio of designs over the 4 weeks.

Included in the price will be a folio for working in, all art/fabric/colour materials and inspiration.
Students will be encouraged to work in their folio in-between lessons. (but it is not required)

Melanie will also be providing a list of books that can further their experience.

Don't miss out! Places are limited and now filling fast!
The course will cost $100 for the four weeks, including all materials and inspiration.
Email for more information!

creative living in winter

I believe that living creatively is rooted in having your eyes open to inspiration, focused, attentive and present.
While I believe this strongly, my personality is driven and I am often pulled along mentally to the next challenge or where i am headed tomorrow. I miss the inspiration. That exchange that happens when we 'respond' fully to stimuli in the present....a cookbook that sparks a desire to bake, a sunset that inspires you to run and grab your camera, a tickle with your child that causes you to laugh out loud together...all inspiring moments fully lived.
I have noticed an increasing desire as I get older and my children's personalities more 'full' to observe the seasons as a positive marker for the ebb & flow of life. Instead of observing our culture's freight-train mentality, I am drawn to slow in winter in order to conserve the energy to 'sprout' again in spring. Qld living doesn't often inspire this hibernation with its toasty warm days and only rugged up at night so I have to remind myself that this is the slow season.
Our winters for the past 5 years have been marked by close friend's extended stay and often I find myself whipped up in the enthusiasm for change that visitors can bring. But then I remember, this is the slow season...more books, more games, more baking, more together, more inspiration stored up, pondered, taken in for the coming Spring.
I believe that inspiration should be 'soaked in' during winter. Reading good books and like the spicy fruit macerating on my stove, pondered, considered, processed and stored. For out of this storehouse can come great productivity and growth in time. For now, I must remember not to miss the inspiration that is here for the seeing, right now, with eyes open.
What can you see that inspires you this winter? A good book? Board games or puzzles with your children, the knitting basket, a game of backyard soccer or family bikeride? Delicious smells wafting from the kitchen? Stunning sun drenched scenery outside?

These are just a few snaps of creativity happening here this weekend...

:: knitting is a winter delight around here for young and old - the soft feel of wool between fingers is thereputic - hands are busy while sitting still!

:: The creative project basket follows us around on our travels...

:: Lego is a constant...

:: creativity is spontaneous...this tee pee was designed and constructed by siblings waiting out a Saturday morning game of soccer! LOVE.

:: my favourite 'toasting' spot...

:: washed linens - creativity slowly set in motion

:: an afternoon of family baking...

:: eager and productive hands...

:: bookshelves re-arranged inspires new reading and new discoveries

:: while waiting for straight-from-the-oven-goodness!

:: in the last hours of light this afternoon, fresh picking was happening

:: and herb remedies were prepared outside the temporary residence...

Ahh nothing like a sweet visual reminder to savor the moments and soak up the inspiration of the everyday. Hope your weekend was rich!

For the budding fashion designer

We are very excited to branch into new collaborations at WEAVE+WONDER and our first is with local fashion designer, Melanie Finger.
Melanie has years of high profile experience in the fashion industry and has agreed to run a four week workshop to inspire young designers!
At WEAVE+WONDER we are passionate about nurturing creativity and recognise that creative expression can take many forms. We are working toward running creative workshops that experiment with different media and avenues of creativity.
If your child is a budding fashion designer or you know someone who is - this workshop could be just the inspiration you've been looking for!


'Design is in everything we make, but its also between those things. Its a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda and philosophy.' Erik Adigard

A plain old overpass was designed to look like giant LEGO bricks by MEGX, a street artist whose graffiti is really quite beautiful.

Read more at Design Milk

holiday's for holidaying

The challenge with a small business is always the balance with family life and after a heavy class schedule these holidays, our little family was craving some 'holiday time'!
Throw in the beach, camping, a stunning holiday house and some magnificent friends and we totally covered it! A little sickness is only a 'slight' distraction in this setting, well that's what I told myself...!

:: our soccer stars will set up anywhere...!

:: holiday's wouldn't be the same without an impromptu 'beauty parlor'!

:: I am well-remembered as the 'nest-weaver' on holiday's and children spent hours showering me with vines to weave....payment was in good coffee!!

:: collections aplenty...

:: the fish were jumping...but only on to the children's lines!

:: ahh, exhale.....a little week of bliss x

loving winter classes!

Our holiday classes continue this week and they have been filled to overflowing with talented, enthusiastic, creative children!
I have many more snaps of yesterday and this morning's creativity still coming but thought I'd share a few I took on my Iphone this morning...
Isn't the painting above spectacular - I am still blown away by the diversity and origionality on the same theme. Children in the acrylic + collage class were encouraged to paint an antarctic landscape, finished with collage elements. More to show soon - they were wonderful!

:: Our second class today was a repeat penguin painting and with smaller numbers, I was able to snap a few cute pics!

:: The fine motor skill developed required much concentration and resulted in a good degree of quiet - we really need some good music in our studio!

:: The cheeky wooden penguins were photographed in front of antarctic scenes created in oil pastel while the layers of paint dried on their penguins! So sweet...