weekend wonder....our first knitting workshop!

It was so lovely to begin the weekend with an inspiring and bountiful visit to the local farmers markets. An old familiar habit tried on again for size and enjoyed immensely!
This week on my list I added flowers to share with my afternoon knitters at Riverbend!

...and a few sweet treats for those staying at home too!

If truth be told, I was a little nervous about the upcoming knitting workshop...if the tangles my children have found themselves in knitting were anything to go by, I was hoping the transfer of information through instruction + encouragement + laughter + good company would cover any frustrations for any first-time knitters!
I had a dear friend join me to help teach and I knew her gentle and patient manner would be an encouragement to those with any difficulties - I was so grateful!
The beautiful mothers and sweet attentive children were such a delight to spend an afternoon with! The setting was an inspiring backdrop to the relaxed conversation and general good feeling around the tables. We were so busy during the 1.5 hours that there was no time for photos sadly, just these sweet images beforehand to give you a feel for the afternoon ahead....

There were many + varied skill levels attending and I hope all went home inspired to continue knitting with their children! Some mothers could knit, for some it came back, just like riding a bicycle! Some had never picked up needles before! We worked together with parents to teach and encourage the children in what was mostly a new skill!
Thanks so much to all who attended and we look forward to seeing some snaps of your completed works in the days to come!