weekend wonder

Not quite the weekend but close enough for me after an intense week on many fronts, we visited our wonderful local GOMA on friday for a taste of art+creative fun! My children always love to go and sketch their favourite paintings and even though the regular gallery was being refurbished, we still found much to entertain...

:: I have been eyeing off this kind of fibre art across the internet recently and we found some in a glorious corner here!

:: Fiber arts gathered in the entry installation to form a giant tree full of texture and colour

:: Dreamy watercolour, when you peer up close, stunningly intricate linework awaits!

:: bold hessian curtains

:: and double story abstract works

:: voluminous natural dyed fabric and mirrors

:: We love being surprised by what creativity awaits in the children's corner - the 'fly away home' exhibition saw us engaged in making birds + nests for hours [it seemed!]

:: There were wonderful wooden tree's and stunning wallpaper to complete the experience

:: and of course the most majestical work of art on display this day was the brilliant warm sunshine after a cold week of rain!

[I do apologise about the lack of credit for these splendid works of art - you'll just have to go to Queensland GOMA and see for yourself - we had too many children in tow to take notes!]