more class fun!

Our mono printing class on Thursday afternoon was full and fun!
Children concentrated very hard to grasp the new skill, and after a few practice prints, ensuring the wet consistency of the paint and understanding how to build up the printed layers, the children's confidence grew! We took our inspiration + colour palette from the many textures and colours of the Australian snow gum trees.
The following are a few snaps of their finished work [the one above is sensational don't you think?], printed on natural clipboards - a wonderfully personalised take-home-tool for future sketching and creating!

:: trial prints on paper, grasping the background, mid and foreground layers!

:: experimenting with textures and printing techniques - love the beaming smile!

:: This one made me smile - he'd just been to a science class and was inspired by a 'new invention' he was planning - love!

:: Beautiful and diverse linework

:: wonderful natural winter scenes!