the best kind of making

This week I finally had a window of time to do some making of the best kind, to give away! Two felt, hand stitched wine bottle holders and their delicious cargo a small offering of thanks delivered with deep gratitude to some very important people involved in our WEAVE+WONDER journey. I think it is a fitting way to launch into the new year, by offering a little thanks to those who have walked with us this far...I'll be off to deliver these next week!
While on the subject of thanks -
To all the sensational parents who believe in encouraging their children to use their imaginations, who believe in their own unique self-expression - thank you for the privilage of working with your amazingly tallented children!
Thank you for your support of the WEAVE+WONDER journey, an exploration of natural and unique materials to encourage 'creativity woven into life'!
This year, with the support of our wonderful venues, we hope to develop even more exciting, inspirational and sophisticated art+craft classes and products for your children!

:: I'm really loving working with this industrial felt and whipped up another ipad cover - I am exploring the possibility of developing a range of these felt products to sell - if you feel so inclined, tell me what you think??