Terrific Totes!

The sun was shining, the air conditioning cool and we were joined by a beautiful bunch of children for our first Spring Holiday art+craft class!
For all the effort, making the bags by hand and cutting, cutting cutting insect silhouettes and 'flower' circles - it was worth it to see the outcomes!
The children's work was wonderful! Their patience, perfect!
They mastered the fine motor skill of stitching with ease and confidence!
Such a delightful workshop to teach - and, it seems to observe - the crowds gathering around our creating space with interested and approving eyes!

I particularly loved this last tote for its origionality!...she chose the christmas beatle silhouette and then very appropriately and thoughtfully placed it in 'the dirt' and considered balance and unity with the neutral + repeated detail on the top of the bag! I love how she created something very unique with confidence and thoughtfulness!
I will add more completed works here soon - I asked a few children to take a pic for me of them using their wonderful nature totes these holidays!!