creating begets creating!

Some days just surprise you with their magic!
Today was one of those in my household..
My children are always asking if they can come to my art classes.
Mostly, and gratefully, they are all fully booked and the children miss out on a place.
And after two full days of classes, I had thought that creating would be far from our hands + minds on this our day off!
But I think there is something about creating...that just begets more creating, and more inspiration...and more energy to discover something new!
So when my children asked - oh so sweetly and enthusiastically - to 'make some of the art from the classes please Mama' - I surprised myself when I jumped in with a 'YES!'
I whipped up some more beautiful tote bags and silhouettes and they couldn't wait to get started this morning!

Even the 2y old got in on the gluing and placing...and laughing a lot when her fingers stuck together!!

Here they are patiently waiting for handles to be sewn on...and while they waited, we jumped right on in to a different but very satisfying 2D abstract artwork - a bit of research + development for future classes - my children are happily my test lab!