on to outstanding owls

The next project in our series at Riverbend Books + Teahouse may challenge some when it comes to fine motor work + patience... but the end result are as cute as can be and will be welcome company hanging over a child's bed at night..just to keep watch, you know!
We will wander, wide-eyed through a tale of Owl adventure, 'Owl Moon'...and fly straight in to the gathering of owl families..wide-eyes, wings, bodies, stuffing...stitch together and hang from a branch! The perfect HOOT of an afternoon being inspired by such famous sculptor's as Franco Pompon and amazing paper artist, Anna Wili Highfield. Sometimes a slow work produces the best results! Can't wait to see how our little students take to learning this new skill!

[Owl sculpture by French sculptor, Franco Pompon]

[owl paper sculpture by Australian artist, Anna Wili Highfield]