days of clay

It was wonderful festive fun at the Gallery Cafe yesterday, with delightful, attentive children totally absorbed in their making!
We use air dry clay in our holiday workshops so children can take away their handmade creations and in a day or so, varnish and hang ready for christmas! The decorations and pinch pots (made and stamped with names of loved ones with left-over clay!) make wonderful gifts and we loved hearing the sweet stories behind each gift - gratitude and love abounds in these selfless handmade treasures!

And today, the wonderful Riverbend art space took on a rustic christmas theme, all ready to repeat our clay making with another two groups of enthusiastic makers! We read Wombat Divine, a christmas favourite of mine and were reminded that when we create something uniquely our own - we will truly 'steal the spotlight' - origionality is a great gift and reaps true reward!