monoprint magic!

Wow! Tuesday's was an intensly busy painting class! The children inspired me with their wonderful grasp of a new technique and their layered creations were textured and beautiful! We wandered through a 'bushwalk' story, imagining colours, textures, creatures and scenes we might come across and added to our inspiration with works from famous monoprint artist, Edgar Degas, and other beautiful works of printed art!
We began painting with a very basic monoprint using a single colour and a cotton bud to scratch the design into the paint. We then worked with textures we might find around the home with repeat patterns, muffin tins, bubble wrap, netting, corrugated card to print onto our fabric and watercolour paper a background. As this dried, we worked quickly with multiple colours to paint a design of the child's own choosing onto the acrylic surface, pulling our final prints layered over the textural background. The signed works are abstract and beautiful! A special mention to all children in this class, your patience and manners while waiting for extra paint and a change of water was exceptional - great work young artists!