fantastic fungi forest!

Oh My!! (I have been saying that a lot lately!) I was thrilled with the open-ended clay workshops held last week - the creations produced were so imaginative! I had a particular design in mind centred around clay mushrooms and moss and as each child used their own imagination, some gathered nature and applied techniques for working with clay, the resultant work was unique and beautiful!

We enjoyed inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy and french sculptor Franco Pompon, as well as brousing nature sculptures by various artists. We concluded our inspiration with a study of the many and varied shapes, textures and forms of fungi!! Exerpts from The Enchanted Wood (Enid Blyton) and Snugglepot + Cuddlepie (May Gibbs) whet the imagination and they were off...!

We concluded our time by 'exhibiting' our work to one another, telling the story of our creations - I was so inspired by the origionality and diversity of their work - planting the seed that each child is an artist when they produce something that is an expression of themselves!