weekend wandering

Days are flying by and I find myself reflecting on the weekend, midweek!
What a flurry of activity around here - WEAVE+WONDER are hosting several parties in the coming weeks, running an after school stamp making class and the big one - preparing the VERY EXCITING christmas classes to be run at both our venues during the school holidays - almost no time to breathe...!
Forgive my absence in this space but I do hope to keep you abreast of all the creativity buzzing here behind the scenes!
Our weekend was no exception! Creativity is encouraged and noticed around here and for the eyes that are looking, each child's unique expression is being confidently set upon the world in a safe and loving environment.
Here are some of the creative moments tumbling around here:

:: 'How about this display for your art kits mama?'...

:: a little 'horse whispering'...

:: we tried it together -the art to go with all the party 'horsing around' - the soon-to-be-six-yr-old loves it!

:: costumes never remain the same for long around here, another task, another outfit - sparkly leotard for tomato picking - of course!!

:: for a good part of the weekend, our living room looked like this - I had to STRONGLY resist the temptation to clean and just let it be!