Hints of spring!

My wine gum bush buds fragrant at the very end of winter. When the August winds rush in to whip up sickness + hurry it on - a cleansing for spring!
I know the scent is rich + strong because it breaks through my congestion as I pass by, with a sweet lolly-like aroma.
Somehow this scent, and the August wind it is carried upon, whisper to me of spring. And so, together with an always-inquisitive 3yr old, we go searching for signs...not many yet in these particularly dry warm days, but if you look carefully they are there....

With these hints of spring, at WEAVE+WONDER, we've begun planning for our holiday workshops! Springtime fun will be awash with colour + creativity and so look out for our newsletter in the coming week advertising what+where we will be running our holiday classes!

Also these holidays, we have received such a positive response to our term-time fashion design series for the older age group, we hope to run another over a few days in the holidays, for those who were unable to make the term time series. We will keep you posted about dates + details!

Oh, and I almost forgot, the Oxford st festival on Sunday was magic for the foodies & ekka enthusiasts among us! There wasn't much purchasing of handmade goodies going on and so I'll advertise a few remaining pieces that haven't already been claimed in orders on the Facebook page later in the week.

A few finger knitters came to rest sun-weary bodies in the quiet cool bookshop and chat about weave+wonder classes & general creativity in the afternoon, a relaxing way to end a busy day teaming with people out enjoying the delicious sunshine!