friday five

This weeks friday five (yes, finally getting this post back on track!) are inspired by creativity I would like to explore with my children this weekend...hope you are inspired to do the same!

Shaddow tracing by TeachKidsArt. With the sunshine so vivid and the warmth of the sun so toasty in these winter days, I think this activity is just the outdoors-creativity we need this weekend!

Woven Desk by Bram Vanderbeke via design milk. My children have been creating a few structures of late - mostly tee pee style. I thought they might like to see world renound designers experimenting just the same...and maybe explore another medium for their shelter design!

Love the art of Hanna Sandin via Design for Mankind. Doesn't she inspire you to go and gather from your household or garden and create your own modern mobile!

hmm a children's puzzle stool! Not quite make-able this weekend but definately inspirational design in the light of all the 3d lego design + woodwork going on around here!

And, finally, in honor of the fashion inspiration series set to commence at Riverbend next week, Some hand-painted fashion goodness found here! I can see some painting of leggings/tights or even some shoes in our weekend! Hope you are inspired to create this weekend too! xx