fashion inspiration class II

What a wonderful taste of the world of fashion those that are attending Melanie's classes are receiving - there is a flurry of creativity in the inspiration-packed hour - worth running the class longer I think! It is so wonderful to provide an opportunity for students to glimpse a creative career like fashion design through the eyes of a wonderful teacher and designer! Here are some of Mel's words from this week...

The time flew by quickly on Tuesday as we explored Fashion Illustration – some students for the first time!
I was really impressed with how much gusto they attacked the task.

Drawing to some rather interesting fashion mannequins, we looked at proportion and shape and tried to sketch quickly.
It was hard to pry the erasers off those who like to get it perfect!

After a few attempts we picked our favourite and transferred it to watercolour paper to begin the final presentation.
Then it was a flurry of tracing and outlining, watercolours/oil pastels/black outlines and finally a signature on our finished work!

Don’t forget to bring both your folders back in next week when we look at Colour/Fabric and start designing our own range…