fashion inspiration series - final week!

Such a wonderful end to an intense but highly creative four week course in Fashion Design, run by the very tallented Melanie Finger. I will let her sum up their last Tuesday afternoon together....

It was almost a shame to stop the creativity today in the final class of the “so you want to be a Fashion Designer” series.
We touched briefly on ‘branding’ and how this can make or break a designer, then there was a short brainstorm about what their brand might look like.
Some had never considered this before, and this opened up many ideas about who they might like to design for and what their company name would be.
(I apologise if anyone came home and begged mum and dad to register a domain name for them right now!!)

The students were then very engrossed in choosing their favourite design for their final fashion presentation. Sketching and tracing were completed, the light box was a hive of activity, then watercolours, pencils, oil pastels and paint were used. Some experimented with oil pastels and then painting over with gum turps, others watercolour pencils and then paint, whilst others loved the familiarity of lead pencils and colouring pencils. Check out the results – I was most impressed!

I was also really inspired by those who went home and completed extra homework, or who bought in things to show me – including fabrics and photos of garments that they had made.

I have loved teaching your kids, I really hope I have inspired them to continue their journey into fashion design.