props, props, props

Often the environment we create in can be a significant influence on our creation! WEAVE+WONDER classes are mobile and therefore our 'stage set' is EXTREMELY important! Inspiring both to those who create and to those who pass by.
A great deal of research preceeds each themed series of classes and part of this research is into the tactile and visual inspiration which will surround the children on our table. Quality, natural materials need quality natural settings! I have had such fun searching and finding many of our vessels for creating - amber glass bottles, recycled timber, jam-jars, felted bowls (my favourite!), clay pots - a giant canvas drop sheet and several 'little-size' cover-alls to keep the mess from our clothes!
In the Autumn series, we will surround ourselves with leaves, pine cones, nuts and many of these tumble through our home regularly, they are wonderful tools for imagining and creating!