and it begins

It feels so frighteningly have these words flung out there. This space open up. These dreams drift out from my keyboard into reality. The reality of someone reading this, searching, seeking, finding....perhaps just what I am tenatively opening my hand to offer.
Who can say where a dream begins, tiny threads, gathered together, start to form vision, direction. Add some inspiration and momentum, and suddenly we are on a journey together!
So lets start with some inspiration shall we!
Walls and walls of these fresh white organic, recycled, heavily textured and imperfect sheets...and some of them we made ourselves, my daughter and I.
Words can't describe how much fun, how deeply satisfying this short course in paper making was. Of course the architecture of the Maker Centre in Bernie, Tasmania had me at once....large refracted steel box suspended over cerulean blue ocean - match made in heaven!

Our short, hands on tour had us swirling water in vats of recycled paper pulp, attentive to every description of the wildly romantic art form, all the while senses swimming in the extraordinary workroom. We were flanked by two stories of ocean view glass!
Soaking, agitating, forming, straining, pealing, drying....all quietly and slowly using different textures to make different sheets.

She was extraordinary, this girl of mine. Absorbing instruction and inspiration as deep and rich as the paper pulp in her hands, she loved every minute. 'And did you hear Mama, we can do it at home..with just a kit and a blender!' And so we shall my oh-so-inspired firstborn, we will just have to test it out!