flights of fancy with 3 year olds!

It was extraordinary...the flapping, fluttering, feathering focus in my home this last week! Several divine wee ones graciously joined me in road-testing the 'bird life' lesson of the Autumn series classes.

We jumped right into an enchanting world of birds as we read together, practiced our 'crests' and our 'flapping wings' - I just adore hearing what tumbles out of their mouths as they are carried along with the story!

Making time began with excitement - what are the 'presents' in the bag? With a tickle of feathers and a rambling dialogue of art terms like 'sculpture' and famous French sculptor 'Pompon' the children are transfixed through the session.

With the occasional call for help and outstanding effort for wee ones, my little students create the most beautiful masterpieces!!

We conclude the class with the messy stuff! Our leaf-litter blankets need some colour and stamping - such unique creations come out of this as the children mix and layer autumn colours!

With messy hands and happy hearts, our morning was a success indeed!
Thank you so much little ones and wonderfully supportive Mama's xx