portrait party!

Start with food and end with food - a successful recipe for any party and no exception for this one! Of course all our food was portrait themed for this very special 9yr old's birthday party. Six buzzing girls gleefully gathered around our creating table when they realised that our creating began with all things edible! We tested our portrait skills out using lollies and worked hard (and ate harder!) to create the most 'true to life' portrait of themselves.

We rambled and giggled our way through conversation about what makes up a face and the differences and similarities between our own. The girls were then invited to gather fabric scraps that best represented the elements of their own face: blue eyes, brown hair, olive or fair skin, etc.. we talked about technique. If we chopped our fabric pieces roughly and overlapped them, we could add texture to the hair; sometimes it is good to choose fabrics that are joyful but not necessarily a real representation of the colour of a facial element....and on we conversed, all while cutting busily!
The girls really came alive as they created and encouraged one another - I think that the end results were spectacular!

The second part of the class involved an introduction to stitching. I allowed the girls to lead according to their enthusiasm for this next step and one by one, after a little cake and refuelling, they approached me to thread their needles and show them how to add character and detail lines to their artwork. The girls enthusiastically took this newly learned skill home with them - I can't wait to see how they got on!
Overall, the project was a wonderfully colourful representation of the unique and special friends who shared this beautiful birthday.
I am off to plan a portrait party for BOYS - having 'my favorate hero' as the theme!! Very much looking forward to that!