making + gathering

There is a frenzy of making and gathering going on around here. The kind that has mama and girls in a creative whirl...'mama can I test out some of the making for the art classes, you know, to see if my age can do it!!' Absolutely my girls, create away, after all much of what I have to offer in these classes are what we weave in and out of our creative days at home.
As opportunity would have it, the launch of WEAVE + WONDER has stepped up pace. We hope to run an Autumn Series in the coming days. This making constitutes some of the pieces being trialed and photographed for the upcoming classes.
The beautiful handstitched and stuffed bird is part of the 6-10 yr old range, the woven nest and eggs fit nicely into both age groups. My dining room table is regularly taken over by autumn-toned materials to test a new technique, in this picture we are testing the watercolour work and overall project composition for 'leaf litter', lesson 1 in the 3-5 yr series.