Riverbend classes * short description

We have had a wonderful influx if enquiry regarding the RIVERBEND BOOKS + TEAHOUSE classes - thank you for visiting here, welcome!
I apologise if you have had trouble determining the cost of classes, I have added a note at the top of the website, please email to take advantage of some great discounts! There is a chance these classes will book up today so hurry and book now!

Some who have recieved emails from me today will have a brief outline of the Riverbend workshops...I thought it would be useful to post a brief description here!
The 'gathering' series of posts will detail some of the wonderful materials + inspiration we will be using in our classes!

WORKSHOP 1: 'the insect detective'. Exploring the wonderful title by Steve Voake, we will design and create a textural+tonal collage using timber veneer in the style of Eric Carle!

WORKSHOP 2: 'owl moon'. A classic title wandering into the world of night time wildlife, we will make a tactile fabric owl family to hang in a beautiful garland!

WORKSHOP 3: 'why I love Australia' a stunning collection of Aborigional-inspired images + poetry by Bancroft, we will design and paint our own geometric + abstract designs onto a beautiful wooden cube - a perfect gift for Fathers Day!

WORKSHOP 4: 'collecting colour' a sensational local tale of the art of weaving, we will use natural and textural materials to introduce children to basic weaving techniques and produce a beautiful artwork!

You may attend one, or all of these workshops - please take advantage of the discount for booking multiple classes. All mixed media workshops promise to inspire the imagination and teach techniques that enable your child to produce beautiful works of art!
look forward to meeting you soon xx