gathering * part I

What do these four things have in common you might ask!..

Timber + insects + 'The insect Detective' by Steve Voake + Eric Carle!
Our first 'BOOKS' workshop at Riverbend of course!
We will be digging deep into the wonderful story 'The Insect Detective' by Steve Voake. Overturning leaves, looking under bushes....all to discover where our favourite insects are hiding!
Timber is such a warm, textural, inviting material...we are going to use recycled timber 'veneer's' for our art project in this class, calling together a beautiful contrast of colour and texture in the style of Eric Carle!
Where Eric is a master of colour collage, balancing colour and texture, we will be focusing on the warm + cool tones of timber to create variation in our creative collages of our favourite insects!
These collages will not only be a beautiful creation at the hand of your children, they will be display-worthy in their modernist simplicity also!
Please visit or instore for a wonderful selection of Children's books, including 'the Insect Detective' which will be available for purchase in connection with our class!
Really looking forward to beginning these classes xx