gathering * part IV cubes

Here on the eve of commencing our Riverbend afternoon classes.....

Oh some wonderful Geometric Goodness!
Sanding smooth beautiful timber cubes, in readiness for painterly designs all inspired by geometry in art!
In our Riverbend books+art Workshop 2 - I have had to make a change and bring this class forward to next week as I had mis-calculated Fathers Day!!, we will explore the world of colour theory, learning of complimentary and contrasting colours...planning our designs in coloured pencil on paper, before transfering to our cubes with arcylics.
We will be inspired by the poetic prose and beautiful artwork of Bancroft's 'Why I love Australia' and discuss great 'Cubist' artworks and other abstract works.
These beautiful 3D works of art will make a lovely paper weight for Dad for Fathers Day!

[Thornton Willis's triangular composition, 'Alien' (2005)]