'And it was whilst they were in the middle of their picnic that they saw a very perculiar thing. Frannie noticed it first.
Not far off was a clear piece of soft grass. As Frannie looked at it she noticed bumps appearing on it. She stared in surprise. The bumps grew. the earth rose up and broke in about six places.
Look! said Frannie, in a low voice, pointing to the piece of grass. 'What's happening over there?'
All three of them watched in silence. And then they saw what it was. Six big toadstools were growing quickly up from the ground, pushing their way through, and rising up steadily!
'I've never seen that happen before!'said Joe, in astonishment. Shh! said Beth. Don't make a noise, I can hear footsteps.'....they hid just in time...'Elves' whispered Joe. The elves went to the toadstools and sat down on them. They were holding a meeting!....'
from The Enchanted Wood' Enid Blyton.

With imagination heightened and fantasy whispering, children's hands at work with clay can create a masterpiece!
In this workshop we will design and sculpt a fantasy forest filled with mushrooms + moss + mysterious places! The children will learn about 3D MODELLING + COMPOSITION and we will practice forming technique as we create our spaces, all atop a rustic cut log...
The images below are some from a recent trip to the wilds of Tasmania where my children had a magical, half-frozen time exploring a real live 'enchanted forest'!