the floodgates opened
and in their wake, a roaring torrent ripped through small meandering creekbeds
carving a river of distruction 100 times their width
stealing hundred-year-old gums and limitless tree debris and casting them off downstream never to be seen again
the rockbed that remained astounded me
its width
that all these rocks were there, just under the surface, uncovered when the water carried the silt bottom away
this is the evidence of the power of nature
and I wonder again just how this fury affected those in its path
there is no happy ending
just the reality of living in the world
sometimes in harmony, sometimes not
with the raw, powerful beauty all around us

We visited the Lockyer valley this weekend and saw first hand what was left in the wake of Qld worst floods. Our children struggled to grasp the enormity, prefering to celebrate natures playground and all that our wonderful bushland has to offer.
Nature is Art in an ever changing forum.
I was struck by its power this weekend.