weekday weave

:: wine bottle holders finding a new home 'with gratitude'...

With a short week this week I am a bit behind the eight ball so to speak and have been playing admin catch-up!
Planning new classes and art kits and crossing several items off my short-term goal list feels good!
The new website is finally under construction so if you have googled us and come up with weaveandwonder.com you will have drawn the short straw! Hopefully you have been successfully redirected here until the new site is built!
And it is mothers day at the end of this week! My family keep asking me for 'a plan' but I must confess to having a brain-freeze when it comes to planning a whole day centred around myself - not the usual practice!
With the weather SO perfect, I wonder about a day of simple pleasures in the sunshine, on a picnic rug, by the sea, perhaps a good coffee, a book or some slow antiques browsing....hmm, now I'm thinking!
I hope to post some creative ideas you might whisper in your children's ear, to mark the occasion and other bits of inspiration from the week, on Friday!
How will you celebrate Mothers day this year?

:: Sewing the prototypes for the DIY art tote and art pouch - very excited about boutique art kits coming soon!