Apologies for blog-silence over the last week - we lost our hard drive midweek and have been climbing our way back to accessability ever since!
I am deep in the land of website building, holiday class planning and newsletter drafting as well as planning w+w parties and running a household - no wonder I am exhausted!
Here are some snaps of our happenings over the last week....

:: this house of creativity is 'rubbing off' on her!

:: technology failing leaves just the right window for class trials!

:: gathering nature + texture

:: wee penguin painting, weaving and monoprinting - all excitedly trialed in our house this week!

:: small bare branch weaving trials

:: Very excited about a new parent+child knitting class project!

:: It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my table can turn from clean to creative chaos [monoprinting here]

:: painting ghost gums on acetate and printing in layers - background, midground and foreground.

:: We will be printing on useful ply clipboards!

:: searching wonderful national geographic magazines for polar wildlife inspiration!

:: penguin monoprinting of course!