weekend wonder

This weekend was wet and cozy - a wonderful opportunity to tackle the set-aside jobs. The continuum of productivity was peppered with a sweet delight taken in observing the children weave creativity into their moments...

:: special delivery of logs in preparation for a weave+wonder party this coming weekend - sometimes I think I am the only strange one who gets excited over wood!

:: the left over eggs will be put to good use all year round in our household I think...we 'branched' out into painting driftwood as well - I love when our table is taken over with this kind of grand+messy creating!

:: wouldn't be a weekend without daddy's 'weekend pancakes'!

:: gardening was somewhat a weekend 'afterthought', inspired by an audio of 'the secret garden', my tribe developed sudden interest in 'taming a patch of earth and seeing it come alive!'

:: and after hours of work, sorting countless supplies and left-overs and rubbish and cleaning...the art studio is only just showing signs of being 'tame' again! (possibly only to me though...!)