chasing circles

A little overdue but worth a lovely recap, our Easter holiday classes were a delightful success!
I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a creative, beautiful, well-mannered bunch of children! The work they produced was sensational and the banter around the creating table had me laughing along with them! There was such freedom and comradery as hands were busy, tongues were loosened! The usual barrier's to connection of finding something in common to talk about were decidedly broken down through the creativity shared.

Our first week of classes, themed around Easter saw beautifully executed eggs painted in rich layers.

The nest weaving was completed with level's of precision and skill I hadn't expected!

The second week of classes saw a new gush of talented children inspired by 'circles in nature' and working on a 'Kandinsky-esk' painting using colours inspired by the peacock!
The results were sensational and there were many smiling faces, proud of their beautiful creations!
In our final class, the children worked on a mixed media piece called 'pebbles' where they combined painting, fabric collage and hand embroidery to complete their abstract works of art!
The following showcases some of the fun we had!....(forgive the lengthy stream of photos but my favourite collage go-to has dissolved and left a collage-tool-void in its wake - I miss you Picnik! on the hunt for a new one - any suggestions welcome!)