weekday weave

[introducing the new weave+wonder product range!]

A hive of business is going on behind the scenes at weave+wonder, spearheaded by an upcoming market stall & growing interest in a beautifully tactile range of handmade products.

Creativity is a spontaneous process for me, usually a response to visual inspiration, nature or texture. Most recently my making has taken on a practical edge & complements the story we are trying to tell through our weave+wonder aesthetic.

We have designed a range of beautifully tactile felted bowls and industrial felt storage boxes, iPad sleeves and wine bottle covers.
Today I visited a very talented photographer friend of mine and asked if she would photograph the small, but growing collection of products. We had a wonderful morning and the photography is sensational - moody + minimal - I can't wait to showcase here!
Here's just a small sneek-peek...more photo's and order details to come!

Many thanks to Jen +Emma for their gift and the beauty of a creative morning spent with them!

[If you are interested in Jen + Emma's photography work, please contact me and I will put you in touch with them - amazing aren't they!]