sweet shades

It was a sweet ending to an anxious week!
We waited each day last week in vain for the little red delivery van to deliver 100 beautiful wooden eggs.
When I spoke to the very helpful Australia Post lady on Friday, she sadly advised that our eggs, travelling all the way from New York, were still in transit from Sydney to Brisbane and wouldn't arrive for our Monday morning classes...

We dissapointedly located alternative eggs - lots of them! - over the weekend and arrived at the Gallery Cafe this morning ready to create!

When unpacking, I realised I had forgotten a vital tub of paint and thankfully a lovely friend offered to collect it from my studio. Paint tub in hand and returning to the cafe, who should pull up outside my home but the illusive little red van - 100 wooden eggs inside!!

She smartly transported these back to the cafe and we were able to use one of each from our now-abuntant selection of eggs!!
There should be a moral to this story....something like, don't count your eggs before they hatch...I don't know....but it is a pretty extra-ordinary tale to tell about some lovely craft materials that had been on a loooong journey!!
Once in the hands of those wonderfully creative children this morning - well, the evidence above speaks for itself - they created small masterpieces of line and colour (eggs aren't an easy canvas you know!!)